Cash is always king

If you want to:

  • Improve your business cash flow
  • Keep your working capital in the business
  • Potentially reduce your taxable income


Insurance Premium Funding

  • Flexible monthly instalments
  • Multiple payment methods available (direct debit and credit card)
  • Ability to pay multiple insurance policies
  • Easily add endorsements as they arise throughout the year
  • Types of insurances covered include:
    • Professional Fees
    • Bond Insurance
    • Contract Work Risk
    • Crop Insurance
    • Credit Insurance
    • Directors & Officers Insurance
    • Information Technology
    • Marine Hull (Commercial Vessel)
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Workers Compensation

If you are already paying monthly instalments for your insurance it is likely that these will be via a finance arrangement.  If this is the case – COMPARE WHAT YOU ARE PAYING EACH MONTH by requesting a finance quote from Access Capital. Interest payments may be tax deductible.

Registration Funding

Have you ever wondered if that piece of equipment driving out of the gate is registered???

Why pay expensive quarterly registration renewals?

  • Registration funding gives you peace of mind by utilising ONE common expiry date thereby removing the stress of multiple renewal dates!
  • Smooth out your cash flow with monthly instalments (may be cheaper than renewing each item each quarter!)
  • Interest repayments may be tax deductible


If you would like to know more about Insurance Premium Funding or Registration Funding please contact John, Liz, Dean, Jake on 08 8334 2100 to discuss and arrange a quote.

Disclaimer: Subject to lenders‘ normal lending criteria, terms and conditions. Fees may apply. Australian Credit Licence no: 391360

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