Capital Finance Options

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s our business to help grow your business.

Combining personal service and access to more than 35 lenders , we’ve helped Australians from every industry secure the right funding to successfully grow their business.

Finance products to support healthy cash flow

Insurance Premium Funding

Your annual insurance premium can take a big bite out of your day-to-day cash flow. Spread the up-front costs across monthly installments to reduce significant ebbs in your income stream and keep cash flow steady.

Debtor Finance

Turn unpaid invoices into cash. Rather than taking out a loan secured by property, you can draw up to 80% of outstanding funds from your debtor ledger to meet cash flow or capital requirements.

Finance options for your business

Business Overdraft

Manage cash flow and unexpected expenses with a line of credit to fill shortfalls in your business income.

Secured & Unsecured Business Loans

Expanding your business? Each loan type offers different benefits and solutions, so discuss which option will work best for your needs.

Commercial Bills

Short and long term options ideal for larger business acquisitions and expansions.

Import Direct

An ‘all in one’ solution to import plant and equipment from an overseas supplier via a personalised equipment finance solution.

Options for commercial asset acquisition

Chattel Mortgage

As the borrower, you take full ownership of your asset from the outset, with regular loan repayments made to your financier to repay the loan.

Finance Lease

Simply lease the asset from the financier with the option to upgrade at the end of the contract term, or take ownership once the agreed residual value has been paid.

Commercial Hire Purchase

Financer gives you possession and use of the asset in return for regular payments. Upon receipt of final payment, ownership of the asset transfers to you

We aim to support your immediate and ongoing business development. That’s why your personal Business Development Manager will invest the time to fully understand your business and what finance options will work best to help it grow now and into the future.

Whatever your capital finance needs, whatever industry you’re part of, talk to the team at Access Capital for independent, confidential, obligation-free advice.